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By providing this information I will have the opportunity to get to know you.  I appreciate you taking a couple minutes to fill this out and submit it.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.  Thank you!     Marlene


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    What gender puppy are you interested in? 

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    Which color or colors are you interested in? 

      Sable & White     Tri-color     Blue Merle

    Please select all that apply:

       I live in a house with a fenced yard

       I live in an apartment

       I will keep dog inside

       I will keep my dog outside

       I want a dog for a companion only

       I will spay or neuter my dog

       I want a pup I can train for obedience

       I want a pup to train for agility

       I want a conformation show dog

       I have shown dogs in the past

       I will show the dog myself

       I have a dog or dogs

       I have another sheltie or shelties

       I have children at home

       I do not have children at home

       Someone will normally be home with the pup during the day

       I will need to have the pup shipped to me

       I will come and pick up the puppy


    As a general rule, my home is:  

    Hectic and noisy    Occasional noise   Quiet most of the time


    I could use help with the following:

    Crate training   House training      None

    Other, Please specify 



    Please tell me a little about yourself and your interest/history with shelties.


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Marlene Black
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