Marlene Moss     Broadview Heights,  Ohio  

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Tri Girl








Bi Black Boy



3rd Born 


Blue  Merle  Girl


Below is a slide show of us running and playing

at 9 Weeks of age


(to run the slide show full-screen, open the slideshow and click the button on right hand bottom corner)

There are a lot of pictures, so if you want to change the slide

show to a faster speed choose 'Options' in the upper right corner

and set the speed to 'fast'




Watch us grow

See us at 2 weeks

See us at 3 weeks

 See us at 4 weeks

 See us at 5 weeks

 See us at 6 weeks

 See us at 7 weeks

 See us at 8 weeks

 See us at 9 weeks

See us at 10 weeks






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